Change Password for HUAWEI HG658 V2 Gateway

Changing the username and password of HUAWEI HG658 V2 GATEWAY is quite simple, although sometimes the default credentials of modems can be frustrating.

The 9 Most Common Blue Screen Errors and Their Solutions

If you have forgotten the password for your Superonline HUAWEI HG658 V2 GATEWAY and want to change it, you can quickly follow the steps below.

You need to enter the following URL in your web browser’s address bar:

Username: admin

Password: superonline

If you are asking for the username and password, they are shared above.

Changing the Wireless Network Password

1. Local Network

2. Refresh Wireless Network Password

3. Change Wireless Password

You can enter the password in the specified field and save it. This way, you have successfully changed your modem’s Wi-Fi password.


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