As Sunucu Teknik, we provide comprehensive solutions for this important need in the healthcare sector, enabling healthcare organizations to have a reliable and effective IT infrastructure.

IT Solutions for Hospitals

We fully meet all the requirements of hospital IT systems such as hardware, server, storage, backup system and network infrastructure. Our expert team works meticulously at every step, starting from on-site discovery to analysis and design, and offers solutions tailored to the specific needs of hospitals. We also provide uninterrupted support from installation to commissioning and operation.

With the professional consultancy services we provide after the project, we stand by healthcare institutions whenever they need us. With our services such as partial product warranty packages, ticket-based failure and problem solutions, technical support and consultancy contracts, we ensure that healthcare organizations run their business continuously and reliably.

With our experience and expertise in the healthcare sector, we meet the 360-degree IT needs of hospitals and direct their focus on health and providing better service to their patients. You can also contact us for a reliable and uninterrupted IT infrastructure.

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