As Sunucu Teknik, we are experts in the establishment, implementation, development and operation of Disaster Recovery Scenarios (DRS).

Disaster Recovery Scenario

Disasters always strike unexpectedly and their impact can often be unpredictable. In emergencies such as fire, earthquake, flood or sabotage, losing your corporate data and IT systems can pose a serious threat to the continuity of your business. At this very point, as Server Teknik, we are at your side.

Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Services

As Server Teknik, disaster recovery and data protection services stand out at the heart of our mission to keep our customers’ information technology infrastructures safe. With the solutions we provide for businesses to continue their activities without interruption and to keep their data safe, we enable our business partners to do business in peace.

Disaster recovery is a vital security strategy in today’s dynamic business environment. This strategy aims to maintain business operations by minimizing the effects of adverse events. As Server Teknik, we offer a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure that businesses are prepared for any disaster situation.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee
95% Reduction in Data Loss Rates
50% Faster Recovery Times
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Ready for Business Continuity

Our customers’ data is critical to business continuity. Therefore, we professionally manage backup, monitoring, support and recovery processes. We offer the most reliable and complete backup solutions to prevent data loss and maintain uninterrupted business operations.

We build detailed disaster recovery plans and test them regularly to ensure that businesses are prepared for any disaster situation they may face. Our ability to deal with risks such as cyber-attacks, equipment failures or natural disasters provides a strong foundation to protect our customers’ business continuity and data integrity.

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