Ensuring the security of your data, one of the most valuable assets of your business, is critical both to maintain your compliance with legal regulations and to strengthen your corporate reputation.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

It is critical for security that your data is classified correctly and that authorized persons have access within the specified authorization. Within the framework of KVKK and ISO 27001 compliance, you are supported by our expert team with the best practices in the classification and access management of your sensitive data.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP) Solutions

With Data Leak Prevention (DLP) software, we are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure the security of your sensitive data. Our DLP solutions offer advanced features to identify, monitor and protect your data.

We offer you seamless protection of personal information, intellectual property rights and data visibility. Our experienced and specialized team is here to provide the best solutions for your needs and support you every step of the way.

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Advanced Encryption and Secure Spaces

We use advanced encryption technologies and secure areas to maximize the security of your sensitive data. You can hide your data by encrypting it and provide access to authorized users.

In this way, you ensure the security of your organization by preventing your data from falling into unauthorized hands.

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