Sustainable Maintenance and Support Agreement

We’re by your side for technological assurance: Smooth steps with the Computer Maintenance Agreement!

IT Infrastructure Maintenance Agreement

We are commencing with a flexible contract to provide regular maintenance, repair, and support services for your company’s computer systems

What do we do under the maintenance agreement?

What kind of support do we provide under the computer maintenance agreement or IT infrastructure maintenance agreement?

  • Virus testing Backup checks
  • Software/office license solutions
  • Network monitoring
  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • On-site assistance
  • Remote support


Server Maintenance Agreement

In order for servers to operate swiftly, uninterrupted, and efficiently, they need to be regularly monitored on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis, with errors being detected in advance. Servers and hardware should be identified and set up according to the structure of the companies.

For our customers utilizing mainframe servers, once properly configured, their servers are routinely inspected by our computer engineers on a daily basis. The servers are configured to record all issues that occur from the moment the computers in the customer’s office are turned on. Therefore, during these routine checks, emerging problems are identified, and relevant technicians are assigned. If necessary, on-site service is provided to the customer’s location to ensure the resolution of the issues.

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What is a computer maintenance agreement?
Is the computer maintenance agreement the same for every company?
Will your money go to waste when I don't call for personnel?
Is additional payment required for each service request?
What are the stages involved in a service request?
How soon does the service arrive?
What are the support services provided for customer technical devices?
What are the prices for server maintenance?
Where can I obtain an example of a Computer Maintenance Agreement?
Are daily office/computer problems being resolved?

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