Network Setup and Security

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What is Network Setup?

It is the process of completing the necessary steps to configure the network connections of computer systems and devices and enable them to communicate with each other.

Selection of Network Hardware

The selection of hardware components for the network setup is crucial. This includes routers, switches, modems, cabling, network adapters, and other network components. The selection should be based on the requirements of the network, the services to be used, and the number of users.
Network topology defines the physical arrangement of devices and network connections. It can include different types of topologies such as star, tree, ring, mesh, or flat. The choice of topology should be made considering the size of the network, its requirements, and growth potential.

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Cabling and Network Protocols

In network setup, appropriate cabling methods and connections should be used. This includes processes such as connecting devices to switches or routers using Ethernet cables, using cables that comply with wiring standards, and ensuring necessary connections.
Network protocols determine how devices and applications communicate over the network. For example, the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) network protocol enables data communication over the internet. The protocols and services to be used in the network should be determined based on the requirements of the network.

Fundamentals of Network Security


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