As Sunucu Teknik, we offer a complete Thin Client and Desktop Virtualization service to meet these needs of businesses.

Thin Client Solutions

A Thin Client is a device that connects to a central server and allows users to access applications and data. This system does not require any programs to be run locally and the operating system license requirement may vary. Desktop virtualization is a technology that allows users to work on a completely virtual desktop.

Advantages Provided by Server Teknik

Thin Client and Desktop Virtualization technologies can reduce hardware costs by up to 80%. Thus, businesses can create a more efficient IT infrastructure by spending less. Businesses can increase the number of users in the most cost-effective way and flexibly scale their infrastructure according to their needs. This enables them to quickly adapt to growth and change.

Thin Client and Desktop Virtualization technologies can be easily managed through a central management panel. This saves time and resources for IT administrators.


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