In the digitalizing world, network management and security of businesses are becoming increasingly complex. However, as Sunucu Teknik, we offer software-based networking (SDN) and SD-WAN technologies to overcome these challenges and accelerate the digital transformation processes of businesses.

Software Based Network Management (SD-WAN)

Software-based networking is an approach to network architecture that enables intelligent and centralized management of the network with software. It helps to handle and manage the entire network consistently and holistically. These solutions provide competitive advantage to businesses by making complex network structures more flexible and manageable.

Differences between SD-WAN and SDN

Both technologies follow the same methodology, but their use cases are different. SD-WAN is typically used for the management of branch and remote networks, while SDN is used in the broader context of network management. For example, SD-WAN technology is used to optimize network traffic in branch offices, while SDN is used for more general network management.

Software Based Network and SDN Solutions with Server Tech

As Sunucu Teknik, we reflect our experience of more than 21 years to your projects in many areas such as network management, building technologies and system room installation. With software-based network and SDN solutions, we simplify the network management of your business, strengthen its security and accelerate your digital transformation process.

You can contact Sunucu Teknik’s expert team to strengthen the network infrastructure of your business and accelerate your digital transformation. We will be pleased to offer solutions tailored to your business needs with our professional and customized solutions.

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