As Sunucu Teknik, we offer comprehensive consultancy services to meet the information security needs of your organizations and ensure their protection against cyber threats.

Information Security Consultancy

We develop appropriate usage policies, procedures and guidelines specific to your organization. Through the creation and implementation of these documents, we establish a basic framework to ensure the security of your information assets: We provide guidance on the application of necessary sanctions in cases of non-compliance with policies and procedures. We minimize the impact of security breaches with fast and effective response.

360 Degree Consulting Services

We provide guidance on defining people’s roles, making appropriate assignments and organizing work distribution. We ensure that your organization has an effective and organized structure in terms of security.

We provide expert support in selecting, installing and configuring the appropriate security software and hardware for your needs. We strengthen your defense against cyber threats by creating a security infrastructure equipped with up-to-date technologies.

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We provide consultancy services to ensure that information security management is integrated with other management processes and aligned with the strategic goals of your business.

We provide guidance on the appointment of the required information security experts and the allocation of the necessary resources. We ensure appropriate personnel and budget allocation to meet the information security needs of your business.

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