How should a backup system be designed?

A Backup System Data is crucial for us. Therefore, we all agree that we need to protect them. Do you have any ideas on how to protect our data? Of course, through a backup system. In this article, we will discuss this topic.

In the digital world, the greatest power lies in information. Therefore, companies that value information invest heavily in backup systems. This is what should be done. Otherwise, a tiny mistake can cause the loss of all company data. This situation can lead to economic loss and can also adversely affect company employees. Therefore, how should a backup system be designed? This question holds many answers. Let’s take a closer look at those answers.

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Why should data be backed up?

Let’s imagine a scenario of a hacker attack. Finding out that all data has been encrypted and held for ransom would be distressing for you and your information. However, if your data has been backed up, there is no need to worry. You just need to review your security layer. That’s why backing up data at regular intervals or in real-time is a lifesaver.

Now, let’s consider another scenario of a mistake made by a distracted employee. If the servers where the data is backed up are damaged or deleted due to an accidental click, it will result in permanent data loss. In this case, even paying a ransom cannot be a solution to recover the data. So, what should be done? Obviously, we need to discuss and find a better solution for the backup system.

Data backup alternatives

Companies are as valuable as their data. If you fail to protect your data properly, you can suffer significant damages in the possible scenarios mentioned above. Therefore, seeking assistance from the following data backup systems can be a great solution:

Backing up the data on:

  • An internal storage device,
  • Backing up to another location using third-party software over the network,
  • Backing up to any NAS device using third-party software over the network,
  • Backing up to the cloud using third-party software,
  • Backing up to both a NAS device and the cloud over the network,
  • Backing up to a NAS device over the network and then backing up to another NAS device independent of your local network.

The choice among the backup options mentioned above can vary depending on the importance you give to backup. Choosing any of the 6 backup options mentioned above ensures that at least a backup copy of the data is available. This provides a second chance and even a third chance in case of data loss.

Which is the most secure backup method?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices allow the data to be stored on a separate server. Cloud systems, on the other hand, enable data backup over the network. Let’s think about this: Is the server of a company providing cloud system services or our own server more secure? Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while cloud systems are an expensive option, using a NAS device is not entirely reliable. Of course, those who want to take advantage of economical options can choose NAS devices. However, companies willing to invest in data backup may prefer cloud systems. However, even cloud systems cannot guarantee a 100% absence of data loss. Therefore, if you ask how a backup system should be designed, the answer would be that it should have multiple alternatives.


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