How should server and network infrastructure selection be done?

A server is a hardware device that stores and delivers data to users when requested. All types of data available on the internet are stored on servers. This situation puts servers at great risk, as computer hackers who want to steal this data primarily target servers. Therefore, the selection of servers and network infrastructure is a highly important issue. In this guide, we have compiled what you should consider during the selection of servers and network infrastructure.

What to Consider When Choosing a Server?

Regardless of the size, businesses should have their own servers to store their data. Over time, the data stored on these servers can become overwhelming. Similarly, servers may not be compatible with the growing structure of the company. Therefore, when choosing a server, it is important to think long-term and analyze the current and future situation of the company. This way, you can save time and resources while having a more efficient working environment.

The selection of a server may vary depending on the size of the company’s data. However, when choosing a server, the focus should not only be on storage capacity. Server security is also of great importance. For this reason, servers should be stored in ideal conditions. The selection of server cabinets should be given importance in order to store servers in ideal conditions. This way, servers can work more comfortably and securely.

The size of the server is directly proportional to the size of the personnel in your company. As companies grow, the amount of data they contain also increases. Therefore, a larger and more powerful server is needed. If you make a good plan when choosing a server, you make a long-term and accurate choice.

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What to Consider When Choosing Network Infrastructure?

Network infrastructure is created to facilitate communication between servers. Therefore, creating a secure network infrastructure ensures that data moves in a safe environment. In the selection of network infrastructure, planning and cable selection are of great importance. This way, you can achieve significant cost and time savings.

Planning involves structuring the network map. Proper planning promises an effective operation in the long run. This way, even if the cables are moved, there will be no confusion. In addition, during the installation of the network infrastructure, it allows you to draw the positions of other network equipment in advance.

Cable selection is also crucial in network infrastructure. Large businesses can establish a stronger network infrastructure by using fiber optic cables. Relatively smaller businesses can use CAT-6 for cabling. Numbering the cables will also facilitate any cable replacement or relocation operations.

As important as cable selection is, wireless network setup is also crucial. In places where cabling is not feasible today, wireless network setup may be necessary. Therefore, attention should be paid to this aspect during the planning phase. Network products such as routers can be used in places where wireless network setup will be performed.

By considering the above recommendations, the server and network infrastructure will become more secure and functional.

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