The IT help desk services offered by Sunucu Teknik are based on 15 years of experience and include responsive support (L1, L2, L3) as well as preventive infrastructure monitoring and maintenance according to customers’ needs.

15 Years of Experience in IT Help Desk Services. 20 Years of Broad Experience in IT

Microsoft, VMware, Fortinet, AWS Business Partners. Our team of more than 20 IT experts.

We have Certified Solution Architects, Certified IT Specialists, Certified Microsoft Specialists.

Quality orientated ISO 9001 approved quality management system at company and project level.

Help Desk Consultancy

We offer a full-fledged consultancy service. We start by carrying out a traceability study.

We then advise you on the resource model, helpdesk team line-up and cost details. You also receive advice on the most appropriate helpdesk toolkit.

Fewer User Errors
Customer Satisfaction
Fewer Help Requests
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Help Desk Outsourcing

Following common ITIL standards, we improve end-user experience and productivity by effectively resolving common (L1 help desk) and technical issues (L2, L3 help desk).

We also provide white-labelled help desk services when issues are resolved under the customer’s trademark.

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Customer Service Desk

We create a single point of contact for customers to increase their satisfaction.

By introducing coordinated incident management, rich self-support capabilities and multiple communication channels, we are able to resolve thousands of tickets efficiently and quickly.

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Outsourced Network Operating Centre (NOC) Services

By providing 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring and L2, L3 technical support, we effectively and quickly address IT infrastructure issues and help prevent errors.

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Outsourced Technical Support

We provide fast and cost-effective incident resolution and proactive problem management based on root cause analysis of problems and continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

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Managed Helpdesk Services

We are ready to take over all helpdesk functions, from creating the process to handling L1-L3 issues to continuous helpdesk monitoring and improvement.

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Tools and Technologies We Work With

The services we offer as a company offer a comprehensive range of solutions to strengthen the IT infrastructures of businesses in various industries.

Communication Tools
DevOps and Cloud

Preferred Communication Channels

For on-demand support models (typical for L1-L2 helpdesk), we offer different scenarios of ticket submission.

On-site Support
Remote Support
Telephone & WhatsApp
Email Support

Which IT Components We Cover

We ensure the stability of your IT infrastructure or its components:

All your service vehicles and equipment belong to us.
  • On-site data centres.
  • Desktops, laptops, mobile devices, Windows, MAC and Linux operating systems.
  • Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Development infrastructures (CI/CD, development and test environments).
  • Network and security (SIEM, IAM, firewalls, etc.).
  • Data storage: databases, data warehouses, data ponds.
  • Customer-facing software: applications, websites, web portal.

Languages We Support

  • Turkish
  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Czech

Helpdesk Support Process

Each support request to our IT helpdesk proceeds as follows:

3.Solution and Escalation
4.User Notification

Preferred Communication Channels

For on-demand support models (typical for L1-L2 helpdesk), we offer different scenarios of ticket submission.

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    • 20 years in IT.
    • Over 40 experts.
    • Over 2,000 success stories.
    • ISO 9001 certification to guarantee service quality and customer data security.