What can be done with an IP video telephone?

For mankind, communication has always been the most crucial element. Throughout history, people have discovered different forms of communication to fulfill this need. In our current century, technological advancements have progressed from analog telephones to IP phones. We have explored this topic in detail in our article “10 Reasons to Use IP Phones.” Now, with the evolving technology, a new system has emerged: IP Video Telephone Systems.

The IP video telephone technology was recently introduced by the Karel company. The new IP phone, named VP 116, enables video calls. Similar to a regular telephone, this device encompasses various applications. Despite resembling a typical desktop phone in appearance, it is highly functional with its wide screen. So, what can be done with an IP video telephone? Here are the details…

There are multiple answers to the question of what can be done with an IP video telephone. We have listed the most important ones for you:

It provides a user-friendly experience similar to that of smartphones due to its touch interface.
The large screen facilitates seamless video calls, allowing users to easily conduct three-way conferences.
There is no need to create a phonebook as the device automatically retrieves information from the central system.
It offers one-touch calling feature.
It can be integrated with IP camera systems, enabling users to see the person at the doorbell on the telephone screen.
It has a flexible structure that supports customization.
With IP video phones, call waiting and call transfer are possible.
IP video telephone systems continue to gain more widespread use each day. Large and medium-sized businesses benefit from the advantages of this system in various ways. Consequently, the question of “How much do IP video telephones cost?” arises. Firstly, it is worth mentioning that Karel is the leading provider of these systems in our country, offering specially designed products to meet your communication needs. Considering the benefits they provide, the prices are quite reasonable. It is also worth noting that they prove to be cost-effective in the short and medium term.

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