What is a browser?

What is a Browser?

Acquiring knowledge about certain concepts while using the internet enables us to become more conscious users online. The internet is not just a system used for entertainment; it has become an integral part of our daily lives. A browser is one of the important structures of the internet.

A browser is a software that provides direct access to websites and enhances the browsing process through simple interfaces, making it faster. It is essentially the access to digital data on the World Wide Web, also known as ‘www.’ However, its usage is not limited to ‘www’ alone; it also allows access to data on private networks.

The increasing popularity of internet usage has led to an increase in the number of web browser models. It is possible to mention the most commonly used browser programs under a few headings:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome

How Does a Browser Work?

Web browsers are tools that enable the viewing and management of digital data on the ‘www’ platform. Users can directly access the desired websites through these software applications. As known, each website has its own domain name. When users enter these domain names into the address bar of the browser, a direct connection can be established.

Each browser provider has its own unique protocols. The protocol used by the ‘www’ provider is ‘http.’ In the case of the ‘Ftp’ service, this is determined as the ‘Ftp’ protocol. Users obtain hosting services to have a website. When getting hosting services, it is necessary for the website to be compatible with all web browsers. Otherwise, the website may not function efficiently on some browsers.

The history of browsers dates back 25 years. The first web browser used in the internet world was the UNIX browser. It was followed by Navigator. Although these were the first web browsers in internet history, the world truly encountered the web browser with Internet Explorer. With its innovative features, Internet Explorer revolutionized the concept of the browser.

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