What is an Azure VPN Gateway?

What is Azure VPN Gateway?

In today’s world, companies or organizations with multiple network structures generally prefer to use VPN applications to establish secure communication between internal systems. Furthermore, the need for centralized management of internal resources has also led individuals to use VPNs. However, with advancing technology, companies have started to position their resources on cloud systems. This naturally created the need for a reliable communication between the company and Azure.

To meet these needs, two options emerged. The first one is the ExpressRoute application. However, this application can only be achieved with an end-to-end isolated connection. This means higher costs for companies. As a result, companies turned to the second option: Azure VPN Gateway.

The working principle of Azure VPN Gateway service is similar to VPN solutions. There is no need for any end-to-end wired connection, which reduces costs. So, how many different service types does Azure VPN Gateway provide? Here’s the answer…

Site-to-Site: This service type involves a private encrypted and isolated connection between two network structures.
Point-to-Site: This service type also involves a private encrypted and isolated connection between two network structures.
Vnet-to-Site: This is similar to the Site-to-Site scenario, but it establishes a connection between two different Azure virtual networks instead of network structures.

During a normal VPN connection, digital data is encrypted in a special structure called a tunnel as it passes through the internet portal. IKEv1 and IKEv2 protocols are used for this encryption process. The situation is the same in Azure VPN Gateway. However, the traffic processing is divided into two different groups: Azure VPN Gateway-Based and Policy-Based. Reference

For companies to establish a VPN connection between them and Azure, they need to meet certain requirements. These requirements can be listed under a few headings.

Virtual Network
Gateway Subnet
Public IP
Local Network Gateway
Virtual Gateway

When all the mentioned resources come together, it is possible to establish a secure and sustainable connection between the company and Azure.

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