What is Bootstrap?

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a powerful collection written using programming languages such as HTML and Javascript. It is essentially a collection of reusable code components. On the other hand, it enables digital creators to build websites quickly and efficiently. With this feature, Bootstrap can be referred to as a framework.

This web development application was created by former employees of Twitter, Otto and Thornton. Its main purpose was to simplify the setup phase of websites and ensure their smooth operation across all devices. Although they initially failed to capture this principle, over time, their innovative moves played a significant role in the usability of today’s internet.

To put the Bootstrap system in simple terms, it divides the working website into grids and allows users to work seamlessly within these sections. So why is Bootstrap widely preferred in web development today? What are the advantages that Bootstrap offers to designers? Here are the details…

Responsive Structure: It uses its own, highly useful grid system, eliminating the need for users to spend extra time designing a new grid system. This naturally allows for more focus on content and increased productivity.
Responsive Images: This feature denotes automatic resizing of images, saving users the extra effort of adapting images to the system.
Includes Useful Components: It includes ready-made structural elements that can add aesthetic touches to website designs.
JavaScript Support: Perhaps the most important reason for Bootstrap’s widespread use is its integration with JavaScript. This provides designers with more production options.
Customizable according to Needs: It allows for customization in order to optimize performance based on the device being used.

Theme Support: Bootstrap includes hundreds of different pre-designed thematic templates. Designers can take advantage of these templates to minimize their workflow.

In conclusion, when designing a website, developers can use Bootstrap solutions to both accelerate the process and create more unique developments. In fact, a significant portion of today’s published websites are created using such framework systems.

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