What is Cloud Storage?


Cloud storage is a data storage model in its simplest definition. It enables users to store documents, images, videos, and other digital data in virtual or cloud servers, allowing them to access it anytime they want. With the increasing importance and volume of digital data today, the insufficiency of storage spaces in systems has become prominent. This problem has been largely resolved with the advent of cloud server technology.

This modeling, referred to as auxiliary storage, preserves the data in a specially programmed space and allows users to access this data whenever they wish. Thus, instead of purchasing storage hardware at high costs, this need can be met with nominal amounts. Moreover, the instant access to data from anywhere in the world is one of the most significant benefits provided by cloud storage.

Today, there are many different cloud storage platforms available. The following are the most widely used and secure cloud storage platforms:

Google Drive
Apple iCloud

You can read our article that thoroughly covers storage solutions and what cloud storage is to have more detailed information on the subject. Source

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage essentially follows the logic of a virtual data center. It has an infrastructure shaped according to the needs of users. Through its data servers, remote access to data by users is facilitated. Data transfers can be performed through this server, and changes can also be made on the storage.

Access to cloud storage is possible through a specially developed web interface. These web interfaces are designed to be quite simple and user-friendly, making it easy for individuals to manage the system as if they were managing a hard drive on their own computer. On the other hand, cloud storage platforms work with multiple servers. In the event of a system failure, other servers come into play to ensure that users’ operations are not interrupted.

There are four different types of cloud storage shaped according to usage areas today. They can be listed as follows:

Private Cloud Storage
Public Cloud Storage
Hybrid Cloud Storage
Community Cloud Storage

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