How is IP PBX Security Ensured? How to Protect Against Hackers?

The question “How is the security of IP PBX ensured?” has gained prominence with the increasing popularity of these systems. IP PBX applications are ideal systems for cost reduction, system flexibility, and the ability to support new technologies as business volume grows. Although they are more secure compared to other systems, this does not mean they are completely problem-free.

While systems take security measures, cyber attackers also make innovative moves in this direction. As we have extensively discussed in our article “How to Ensure Cybersecurity,” there are dozens of different attack methods today. So, how can IP PBX security threats be eliminated? In this regard, we will discuss five important points that need attention.

How to Protect IP PBX from Hackers?

In the digital world, it is never possible to achieve 100% security against cyber attacks. However, it is possible to minimize risks by being well-prepared for attacks. There are many simple methods you can employ. Here are the top 3 answers to the question “How to protect IP PBX from hackers?”

Use Strong Passwords

A weak password always makes systems vulnerable. Therefore, make sure to use highly secure passwords for every part of your IP PBX system. In our article “What Is a Strong Password?” we provided detailed information on this topic. By reading our article, you can access information that may be of interest to you.

Keep Your IP PBX Updated

Keeping the software and hardware of your IP PBX up to date is important to enhance its security. In fact, this is one of the standard security practices. The more up to date the systems are, the better prepared they are against cyber attacks. Although most systems have automatic update features, some software may not have this functionality.

Separate Voice and Data Traffic

Separating voice and data traffic is an effective method to prevent VoIP security risks. This can usually be achieved by logically separating them with a VLAN switch. If an attack occurs on one VLAN, the other one remains secure. Additionally, this method slows down the speed of potential attacks from external sources.

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