5 Technologies You Need to Know Before Buying a Security Camera System

Security camera systems are one of the most widely used technological devices today. It’s now possible to see a security camera almost everywhere. Schools, institutions, hospitals, parks, streets, and even in front of our homes… But how familiar are we with a product that has such a high usage population? We have compiled 5 key CCTV technology terms that you need to know before buying a security camera system. Here are the 5 key CCTV technology terms:


Resolution in cameras is expressed in megapixels and gives us the number of pixels that make up the image. The better the pixel quality of the scanning chip in a camera, the higher the image quality. The resolution values in cameras used today range from 420 to 1200 TVL. Generally, pixel values above 530 TVL fall into the high-resolution class.

2.DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

DNR, which stands for Digital Noise Reduction, reduces the noise in the image through the filtering method inside the camera. It also balances the signal and noise, allowing for an excellent image quality. It is one of the important components of a camera.

3.BLC (Backlight Compensation)

BLC, which stands for Backlight Compensation, balances the light and dark areas in the image. Its name in our language, “Arka ışık dengeleme,” actually summarizes its function. If there are significant differences in light and shadow in an image frame, it reduces the high light to make the areas with weak light more visible.


Contrast is a crucial term for image technologies. It represents the difference between the brightest and darkest points in an image frame. In other words, it is the difference in image exposure. Adjusting the contrast settings is important to achieve an impressive image. Nowadays, devices with auto-contrast feature handle these settings automatically.

5.HS (High Sensitive)

HS, short for “High Sensitive,” means “high sensitivity” in our language as well. This feature is particularly needed in areas with low light levels. With its special structure, it enhances low light and provides a clearer image. By reading our Security Camera Systems solutions, you can have more information.

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