Licensing Consultancy

Let us support your company in the software and hardware licensing process.

Meet Our Licensing Consultants.

Our licensing consultants assist companies in selecting the appropriate and suitable licensing model during the licensing process.

During this process, a licensing model that aligns with the company’s needs, budget, and usage scenarios is determined.

Software License

A software license determines the usage rights and terms of a software. To use a software legally, it is generally necessary to accept a license agreement provided by the copyright holder of the software.
This license specifies the conditions under which the user can use the software, limitations on rights such as copying, distribution, modification, or selling, and establishes the rights of the copyright holder.

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Hardware License

A hardware license regulates the usage of a specific hardware product. For example, a license provided by the manufacturer or seller of a hardware device determines how the hardware can be used and the validity period of warranties.
Licenses are legal agreements based on contracts between parties. While the licensor grants permission to exercise specific rights, the licensee, whether an individual or an organization, also accepts certain conditions and limitations.

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