What are programming languages?

Technology is a constantly evolving and changing concept. This development naturally has a positive impact on people’s daily lives. Routines and habits often change. Behind all this change and process lies programming languages. It is possible to say that programming languages exist everywhere, from phones and computers to electronic devices. So, what are programming languages? We will specify the details in the continuation of the article…

Programming language, also known as software, are special systems created for devices such as computers and phones to perform specific commands. They work by providing instructions to a device on what it should do through an algorithm. Nowadays, the number of developed programming languages is over 250. So, let’s answer the question “what are programming languages?” Now we can list the most popular and widely used ones as follows:

  • Pascal programming language,
  • Basic programming language,
  • C, C#, C++ programming language,
  • Java and JavaScript programming language,
  • Cobol programming language.

Types of Programming Languages

Today, there are many different types of programming languages according to their purpose and usage area. Through these software, computers and other electronic devices achieve efficient utilization potential. It is beneficial to explain the types of programming languages in a few points.

Application Software: These are programming languages written to perform a specific operation on computers or mobile devices. These software are shaped according to their areas of use. Social media and office applications are examples of this.
System Software: These are the software created to make hardware or software types compatible and integrated. Windows is the best example of this type. For mobile devices, iOS can be given as an example.
Embedded Software: These software are preferred when multiple tasks need to be performed. Applications such as data reading or processing can be cited as examples of this system.

These are the most widely used types of programming languages in today’s technologies. Different languages like Pascal, Basic, and Java are preferred when creating these software. These systems determine the basic framework in almost every field, from computers to mobile applications. Additionally, all games, which are a reality of the new world, are created through programming languages.

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