What is a Call Center? What are its tasks?

A call center is a sector that has emerged with the increasing importance and intensity of communication in today’s world. It primarily involves the service of directing incoming phone requests from institutions or private companies to the appropriate individuals. It is an essential necessity for any profit-oriented business, as it allows them to respond to customer demands quickly and securely. In this article, we answer the questions of “What is a call center?” and “What are its tasks?”

The term for “Çağrı Merkezi” in English is known as “Call Center.” It is a unit that enables interaction through various communication channels, including telephone, web, fax, and email. The inception of this service area dates back to the early 1960s. Initially, it was established to listen to requests and complaints. However, it has evolved over time and become a comprehensive service provider in the field of “interaction.”

What Are the Tasks of a Call Center?

While call centers were initially set up as dedicated lines for receiving complaints and suggestions, they now cover various branches of communication. Through their extensive range of services, they have become an indispensable department for profit-oriented institutions and businesses. So, what are the tasks of a call center? Here are the details:

  • Providing front office services
  • Managing orders
  • Providing assistance services
  • Providing information services
  • Offering customer service
  • Providing appointment services
  • Providing sales or marketing services
  • Conducting field research
  • Conducting surveys

All of the services mentioned above are provided in modern call center establishments. They generally operate as a specialized department within institutions. Within these call centers, numerous customer service representatives can be found.

What Does a Call Center Customer Service Representative Do?

In addition, call center customer service representatives act as the primary means of interaction between a company and individuals. They represent and act on behalf of the institution or private company. The quality of their service aligns with this representation. When we encounter issues related to the products or services we use today, we typically interact directly with customer service representatives. Furthermore, the primary motivation for call center customer service representatives is directly linked to customer satisfaction.

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