What is Affiliate Marketing?


The experiences of making money online are increasing and continuing to rise every day. One of the most prominent questions in this field is what is Affiliate Marketing. In general, Affiliate Marketing is a branch of digital marketing and is the most commonly used method for making money online today. In the following article, we will explore the question of what Affiliate Marketing is in detail.

The Turkish equivalent of the term Affiliate Marketing is expressed as ‘Satış Ortaklığı.’ In short, it is a method of making money by advertising companies’ products or services through websites. Affiliation is established with businesses. This partnership does not have to consist of only one company or person. Multiple partnerships can also be established within Affiliate Marketing services. The system consists of three main parties. These parties can be detailed as follows:

Merchant: The party that owns the products. They are mostly referred to as brands.
Affiliate: It is referred to as the publisher side of the system and benefits from the power to influence people in terms of advertising. Bloggers, Instagram influencers, and influencers in general can be given as examples of this side.
Customer: As the name implies, these are the people who purchase the advertised products or services. These individuals constitute the most important part of the parties. The success of the Affiliate Marketing service is parallel to the sale of the product.

Today, there are many platforms that offer partnership for Affiliate Marketing. Amazon, eBay, and Hostinger are among the most popular ones. The important thing to note is which marketing platform will generate more earnings. It is possible to create successful projects with the right choice.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

A person who offers Affiliate Marketing services is actually referred to as an affiliate. Commission is earned from the sales made by advertising the products or services of companies. So, how can you make money with Affiliate Marketing? Here’s the answer…

A commonly used method in Affiliate Marketing is adding special links or banners to websites. Customers who click on these links examine the product. If a sale is made, the affiliate who placed that link earns a commission. If you also want to make money through Affiliate Marketing, all you need to do is establish an affiliation with a company.

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