What is Alibaba Cloud?

What is Alibaba Cloud?

As is known, Alibaba is the leading e-commerce market in the world and in Turkey. The company, founded in April 1999, encompasses various different fields, with Alibaba.com and Aliexpress.com being the most popular among them. However, one of Alibaba’s platforms with a large user base is known as ‘Alibaba Cloud.’ So, what is Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud service provider. It was first launched in September 2009. With its proprietary operation network, this cloud service provider is headquartered in Singapore. It holds the third position in global usage, with a leading position in China. Some of the competing service providers to Alibaba Cloud include Amazon, Google, and Azure. Reference

When it was first established, this system was named ‘Aliyun,’ but it was later renamed for better international recognition. Therefore, in 2017, the brand name was determined as ‘Alibaba Cloud.’ It offers many advantages to its users. The most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Relational database
  • Secure network services
  • Middleware
  • Access to Big Data
  • Applications powered by artificial intelligence

When Alibaba Cloud as a cloud service provider is examined in general, it can be said that it is a good choice for companies of all sizes looking to expand globally.

Alibaba has established dedicated data centers in many different locations worldwide. The widespread presence and diverse locations of these data centers play an important role in ensuring data security. Some of the locations where Alibaba Cloud data centers are located include US West, US East, Europe, Dubai, North China, South China, and East China. Additionally, there are data centers in Malaysia, Japan, and Singapore.

Alibaba Cloud is highly advantageous in terms of performance and pricing. When compared to other cloud services, it offers advantages in many areas. Moreover, there are various services available for users on this platform. Some of these services include:

Elastic Computing: Allows tracking of computing power, load balancing, and advanced network features when using applications.
Storage & CDN: Users have unlimited data storage capabilities thanks to the content distribution and manageable storage services within Alibaba Cloud.
Networking: Users can establish a secure and sustainable network system with VPC services.
Database Services: Users can easily manage their data with secure databases provided by Alibaba Cloud.
Security: Individuals can protect their servers and data against malicious attacks.

Alibaba Cloud is a cloud storage system. For detailed information about cloud storage systems, you can read our article titled ‘Storage Solutions’ (in Turkish).

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