What is Cybercrime?

What is Cybercrime?

With the increasing advancement of technology and information tools, cybercrimes and threats are also on the rise. While technology is undoubtedly a facilitator in our lives, it also brings about significant dangers. So, what is cybercrime? Cybercrime refers to actions that aim to harm a computer system or the individuals using such systems. What sets this type of crime apart from others is that the action takes place through a computer system.

In the early 2000s, when the Internet began to be widely used, governments did not have any measures in place to combat cybercrime. In fact, the extent of the cyber threat was not foreseen. However, as the Internet has spread to all areas of our lives, cybersecurity has become a top priority for individuals and governments. The global damages caused by cybercrime reached $3 trillion in 2015 and surpassed $6 trillion in 2021, making it one of the most compelling reasons for everyone to take precautions. Source

Types of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a broad concept that encompasses various types of actions. While it is commonly associated with direct offenses committed through computer systems, sharing unauthorized recordings of private conversations between two individuals on online platforms is also considered a form of cybercrime. So, what are the main types of cybercrime? Here is the answer…

Fraud: Fraud is considered a criminal activity under the Turkish Penal Code, and fraudulent actions in the realm of information technology fall within this scope. Cybercriminals use digital tools to steal individuals’ identities or banking information and exploit these details for their own benefit. Examples of this type of cybercrime include bank fraud, the theft and sale of private information, and identity theft.
Malicious Content: Hackers can launch attacks on individuals over the internet using explicit or other types of harmful content. While the criminality of such sharing may vary according to each country’s laws, it is generally considered a cybercrime. Racism, profanity, pornography, and hate speech are commonly encountered elements of this type of cybercrime.
Cyber Terrorism: With the advancement of technology, a new concept has emerged in the form of cyber terrorism, which targets state infrastructures rather than individuals. The fundamental objective is to create chaos in society by targeting the government through cyber attacks.

There are various methods of combating cybercrime. Particularly, organizations, businesses, and individuals with sensitive data should seek professional support in terms of cybersecurity. To learn more about our solutions in this regard, you can read our article on “Cybersecurity Consulting.”

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