What is Github?


GitHub is a web-based storage service that uses Git as its version control system. It was founded by four friends on February 8, 2008. GitHub is completely free for open-source projects, while it offers paid memberships for private repositories. Since 2011, it has held the title of the most widely used storage service by open-source projects.

We have answered the question of what GitHub is above. Now, let’s delve into some lesser-known details about GitHub. In 2018, Microsoft announced that it would acquire the GitHub platform, and shortly thereafter, the $7.5 billion sale was completed. Since October 2018, GitHub has been operating under the Microsoft umbrella.

Source: GitHub


To better understand the GitHub system, it is beneficial to know what Git is. Git is an open-source project with a brief description. It is currently one of the most popular version control systems (VCS). Furthermore, over 80% of project developers worldwide use Git, largely due to the advantages it provides.

Git offers its users the feature branches, which sets it apart from centralized version control systems. This allows other developers in the team to have their own repository area to make changes to the code. The changes made by developers do not affect the main code. When the process is completed and approved, the modified code is merged with the main code.


The question of what Hub is can be answered as follows: If we think of GitHub as the human body, Git is its heart, and Hub is its soul. Hub operates on a similar principle to Git. It turns command lines into a social network for developers.

Hub not only enables contributions to projects but also allows developers to socialize by communicating with other like-minded individuals in the same field. Developers can follow other developers to stay informed about their work.


It is possible to experience GitHub as a team for free. The basic plan of this platform includes 500 MB of storage space. If more comprehensive and extensive storage options are desired, one of the paid plans can be chosen.

Prior to starting to use GitHub, the desired plan should be selected, followed by completing the membership process. After these steps, the GitHub world can be explored.

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