What is Hosting?


Hosting is an English term that refers to the act of hosting in Turkish. It is a service that allows data intended to be published on websites to be accessed by users and stores the data on hardware for this purpose. In short, it can be referred to as the backend of websites.

Every visible element on a website has a digital counterpart as data. In order for users to access this digital data, it needs to be stored in a specific location. This is where hosting comes into play. The marketing of these spaces is called hosting service.

There are many companies today that offer web hosting services. These companies provide package services according to the demands. The factors that affect the performance of the system as a result of these services can be listed under a few items.

Scale of storage space
Input/output traffic parallel to bandwidth
Type of operating system used by the server
Performance quality of the hardware components that make up the server
Type of database used
SSL security certificate

The level of the above-mentioned factors determines the price and performance of a server. To learn more about this topic and more, you can read our article on ‘Storage Solutions’.

Source: Barındırma Hizmeti

Types of Hosting

Choosing the right type of hosting according to the features of a website is quite important. Because each site has its own different needs. If the right need is not met with the right hosting option, it can cause disruptions on the site in the long run. So what are the types of hosting? Here are the details…

WordPress Hosting: WordPress is the most widely used website building tool worldwide. If this infrastructure is used, WordPress hosting option must be chosen. This ensures a smooth functioning website.
Linux Hosting: This hosting type is designed specifically for websites prepared by open-source tools.
Windows Hosting: It is a hosting type that web sites developed especially with ‘mssql’ should use. With this option, it is possible to have a seamless and fast web infrastructure.
Enterprise Hosting: It is a hosting type preferred by large-scale companies that provide high levels of data usage and is specially designed for them. The installation process is carried out according to the demands.

After a website is established, the most appropriate hosting type should be selected and then published. Making the right choice in the first place provides convenience to users in the long run.

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