What is Keylogger?


In today’s world, the increase in internet usage and the corresponding rise in threats have led to the emergence of many issues. One of these issues, and perhaps the most important one, is the question of what a keylogger is. Keylogger, which is a type of malicious software, differs from other malware in terms of its basic working principle. So what is a keylogger?

A keylogger is referred to as spyware. However, the most accurate term for this term can be keyboard listening system. This virus, infiltrated into computers by cyber bullies, records every action performed by users on the keyboard. In other words, each keystroke on the keyboard is recorded in this virus and sent to its creator. Considering that passwords are entered through keyboards almost every day in daily life, keyloggers emerge as a serious issue that needs to be taken seriously.

The ways in which the keylogger virus spreads are the same as other viruses. Email, websites, and pop-up ads are the most common places where keylogger viruses are found. The main purpose of these software programs is to capture keyboard traces on the computer and demand ransom. In some cases, they are also seen to use captured bank information for the purpose of monetary theft.

Source: Keyboard Listening System

In the beginning, there were keylogger software programs that only recorded keyboard traces. However, nowadays, these software programs have been developed by cybercriminals, and there are keylogger viruses that have the ability to record screen activity. In fact, in recent years, although rare, some have gone so far as to activate computer cameras and record instant images. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is possible to say that keyloggers are very dangerous software programs in the cyber world.

How to Remove Keylogger?

Having knowledge about how to protect against keylogger viruses before knowing how to remove them minimizes the danger to a minimum. You can read our article titled ‘What is Cyber Security?’ to access the best information about cybersecurity. It should not be forgotten that cleaning viruses is always more difficult than preventing them.

The most effective method to remove keylogger viruses from systems is antivirus solutions. A reliable antivirus program is downloaded to the computer and a thorough scan is performed. Viruses detected during this scan are removed. If the keylogger virus is not removed despite antivirus solutions, the last resort is to format the computer.

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