What is IoT?

What is IoT?

IoT, also known as the Internet of Things, is a technology that connects computing devices and enables information sharing over the internet. It operates on the principle of interconnecting not only computers but also mechanical machines, objects, and animals. By assigning an identity to each object, it facilitates data sharing without the need for human intervention.

Today, all commercial organizations leverage IoT technology to work more efficiently. This technology improves business processes and contributes to better decision-making processes for authorities.

The term “Internet of Things” refers to a wide range of objects. Many devices can be considered as objects. So, what are the characteristics that a device should have to be considered an object in IoT technology? Here are the details…

For a device to be considered an object, it must first have a unique name. It should have a structure suitable for connectivity and its own sensor.

Assigning a unique name to objects is not easily achievable with IP systems today. These addresses have a limited structure. At this point, the IPv6 technology has been designed to make objects truly unique. For detailed information about IPv6 technology, you can refer to our article on “IPv6 Consulting”.

The use of IoT, i.e., the Internet of Things technology, is widespread. It not only facilitates individuals’ daily lives but also provides significant contributions to businesses in commercial life. So, where is the Internet of Things technology applied? It is possible to explain this under a few headings.

Smart City Applications: It is used in areas such as traffic, parking lots, waste management, and lighting.
Smart Environment Applications: It is used in areas such as precipitation rate, weather conditions, dam filling rates, and forest fires.
Smart Home Applications: It enables the remote management of lighting, heating, and ventilation systems. It is also an essential element of home security systems.
Supply Applications: It is highly effective in facilitating stock management in warehouses.
Smart Livestock Applications: It contributes to the management of factors such as temperature, feed, and security in areas where livestock is present.

The usage area of IoT technology is expanding every day. Particularly, the rapid proliferation of the smart city concept stands out as a factor increasing the demand for IoT technology. Reference

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