What is Malware?

What is Malware?

Malware is a general term used to describe harmful and maliciously designed software. In English, it stands for “Malicious Software.” These types of software are intended to disrupt the functioning of computers and mobile devices, gain unauthorized access to sensitive systems, and steal critical data. In some cases, they may also display unwanted advertisements.

In the past, these types of malicious software were referred to as “viruses.” However, in 1990, the term “Malware” was coined by Yisrael Radai. So, what types of software fall under the Malware category? We can categorize these software under a few headings:

Trojan Horse

Currently, it seems that Malware software is not given much importance by users. However, these software are highly dangerous and require preventive measures. Malware software not only steals information or slows down systems but often embeds itself in the background of a system, allowing remote control by cybercriminals. In short, cybercriminals can use users’ information and digital traces to commit illegal activities. Reference

How Does Malware Infect Computers?

Malware software utilizes various infiltration techniques. However, they generally hide within illegal applications such as cracks and patches. When users download and install an application they perceive as trustworthy, they unknowingly install these malicious software as well.

USB drives are also highly effective in the spread of Malware viruses. When a USB device comes into contact with a system, these viruses instantly infiltrate it. Additionally, websites are attractive targets for infiltration attempts. If a website contains malicious content, it is inevitable that the user’s system will be infected with a virus.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning harmful adware, which is a type of advertising software. Currently, these are the most commonly used Malware viruses. They do not operate with the motivation to directly harm individuals but rather focus on advertising and commercial aspects. They constantly bombard individuals with advertisements without their permission. This type of Malware usually infects systems as a result of downloading free applications.

It is undeniable that technology has made life easier but has also made it considerably more challenging in terms of security. Therefore, security measures should never be neglected. We recommend reading our article on “Antivirus Solutions” that discusses the most effective way to prevent Malware viruses. [link]

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