What is Spyware

What is Spyware?

Spyware refers to the process of obtaining users’ data from their systems and sharing this data with third parties in the field of information technology without their consent or permission. It is observed that many different methods are used, including the theft of passwords, credit card passwords, and monitoring of online transactions, which are the most common methods.

The sole purpose of spyware is not data theft. In some cases, it is used by cybercriminals to slow down systems by attacking networks. The aim of slowing down systems is to receive a certain amount of payment from individuals in order to withdraw the attacks. Spyware is divided into four different categories in today’s world.

Trojans: They are one of the most malicious software. As the name suggests, it is the process of infiltrating harmful files into the system using certain techniques. These files remain passive until they are determined by the owner. Therefore, it is quite difficult to detect them.
Adware: It is primarily used to secretly monitor devices. It is usually done by infiltrating systems via email.
Tracking Cookies: If the cookies of a website established with malicious intent are approved, they can track the user’s activities on the internet.
System Monitors: They are designed to record operations taking place on a computer. They usually employ a method referred to as keystroke logging.

Spyware is software that can cause significant harm to computers and systems. Therefore, individuals and companies should not neglect security practices in this regard. Being cautious with emails and refraining from downloading programs from unknown websites are precautionary measures, albeit to a limited extent. However, relying solely on individual awareness is not sufficient, especially for large businesses. Therefore, different measures should be taken.

The key here is to follow the guidelines set by cybersecurity experts. We discussed this issue in detail in our article titled “How to Ensure Cybersecurity?”.

It should be noted that every hardware connected to the internet is a potential target for spyware. Therefore, taking precautions can start with antivirus solutions. Antivirus applications create a protective shield against such malicious software as they can recognize them accurately. By detecting spyware attempts and preventing their infiltration into systems through their special filters.

Although technology provides many conveniences, it is not as innocent a system as it seems. When using it, individuals should always prioritize their security.

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