What is VideoWall?

What is VideoWall? is a question that, in its most basic answer, refers to the combination of multiple screens. Thanks to its ability to offer unlimited possibilities to users, it has become a widely preferred option today. Integrating screens allows them to expand to desired sizes, and content shared on large screens becomes more attention-grabbing.

In VideoWall systems, LCD or LED screens are generally brought together, creating a large-screen display system. With this technology, no loss of image quality occurs regardless of how large the size becomes, making it indispensable in many fields. This is how we can answer the question, “What is VideoWall?” It is possible to list its advantages in a few points:

  • Simplifies layout,
  • Provides pixel density,
  • Offers high image quality,
  • Has a flexible structure and can take any desired shape,
  • Has easy content management,
  • Increases the impact of the message you want to deliver.

What are the Types of VideoWall?

VideoWall systems are designed to cater to large spaces. This is not only due to the advantages it provides but also its versatility to meet various needs. We have compiled the most commonly preferred types of VideoWall for you…

Standard VideoWall

This type generally refers to all screen components acting as a single screen. In short, individuals have the opportunity to create a giant screen by combining multiple screens. There are different formats, with 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 formats being the most commonly used types.

Digital ArtWall

In this type, there can be distances between screen arrangements. Horizontal and vertical format screens are arranged at certain intervals. There are no measurement or combination limitations. Users have the flexibility to customize according to their needs.

Control Room VideoWall System

Also known as the ‘Scada Monitoring System.’ It meets the demand for monitoring real-time data in large-scale institutions or factories. It operates on a 24/7 basis. In this system, the size of the screen, viewing angle, number of devices, and requirements determine the setup. In addition, content from external sources can be displayed on any part of the system. The scenarios to be created can be managed with a VideoWall control device.

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