Why Unified Communication?

The question ‘Why integrated communication?’ is important, especially for those seeking optimization in business processes. Integrated communication fundamentally refers to the fastest and most efficient way of providing communication between systems or devices. It is a term derived from ‘Unified Communication’ in English. Organizations that prefer this communication method facilitate communication among their employees, enabling them to easily communicate with each other within the company. Thus, the minimal effort expended on communication ensures high efficiency in activities.

Users of integrated communication can access the system independent of location; they can communicate through applications on various technological devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and phones with a single button or number. Consequently, integrated communication has become a highly popular technological tool in today’s world.

What Does Integrated Communication Mean?

To better understand the question ‘Why integrated communication?’, it is beneficial to know what this system is. Integrated communication is known as ‘UC’ in the technology world. It is a communication tool used to facilitate digital workforce interaction in commercial or corporate settings. Through this communication tool, system users can integrate their phone calls, web conferences, SMS, or emails and engage in real-time data sharing. In short, UC enables individuals to collaborate on real-time data. The commonly used communication tools in this technology can be listed as follows:

  • Emails
  • Telephone systems such as landlines or mobile phones
  • Audio or video conference systems
  • Instant messaging applications
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Why Should We Choose Integrated Communication?

Integrated communication tools enable users to quickly and easily access data regardless of their location or the device they use. In short, the goal of this system is to integrate communication tools, modernize them, and increase employee productivity to enhance customer experience. As for the question ‘Why should we choose integrated communication?’, we can mention a few benefits offered by the system:

  1. Increases employee productivity
  2. Strengthens communication between employees and departments
  3. Allows remote workforce through mobile lines
  4. Contributes to improvements in customer service
  5. Reduces costs by requiring less management
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