How do you increase the efficiency of Airties?

How do you increase the efficiency of Airties? This question is frequently raised by technology enthusiasts. Airties, which is currently the most widely used wireless modem brand, is preferred not only for internet sharing but also for connecting electronic devices to each other. This system liberates network technologies from all constraints, allowing users to connect freely in the internet world.

Airties was founded in 2004 with the primary mission of providing Wi-Fi solutions to operators on a global scale. Today, over 25 million households access the internet using Airties devices. However, in countries with underdeveloped internet infrastructure like ours, users often experience negative connectivity experiences. So, how can you increase the efficiency of Airties? Here are the details…

Methods to Increase Airties Efficiency

In today’s world, the best way to get the most out of the internet is to opt for wired internet providers. However, wireless Airties modems are widely used. Although performance issues may occur in some cases, it is possible to enhance efficiency with a few simple techniques. In the following text, we will provide four methods to answer the question of how to increase Airties efficiency.

Keep the Area around Your Modem Clear

To increase Airties efficiency, you can start by keeping the area around your modem clear. This is because the signals emitted by modems are often affected by nearby objects. Not all objects have an impact, but since you can’t determine which objects will affect the signals, the best approach is to place the modem in an open space.

Use 5GHz

Some Airties modems nowadays have a technology called dual-band. If your modem has this feature, you can activate the 5GHz option in the settings. This frequency has less device interference in today’s world. Consequently, in places with fewer devices, the internet speed tends to be higher.

Try a Wi-Fi Extender

When Airties modems and devices are far apart, it can lead to connection loss. If you don’t have the opportunity to get closer to the modem, it is essential to use a Wi-Fi extender. This way, regardless of the distance between your device and the modem, your internet access speed will increase.

Restart Your Modem

Another significant answer to how to increase Airties efficiency is to restart the modem. Many users keep their modems on for extended periods. However, restarting it at least once a week is a factor that can boost its speed. If you’re considering a comprehensive solution, you might find our Wireless Network Solutions article interesting.

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