10 Criteria You Should Know When Choosing a Phone Exchange System

Phone exchanges are one of the systems that provide many benefits to companies. They are especially ideal for facilitating communication among internal users. However, there is also a risk of making incorrect choices when purchasing this useful system. Wrong choices can result in higher costs in the long run. Therefore, we have listed the 10 criteria you should know when choosing a phone exchange system to help you make your decisions easier…

What to Consider When Purchasing a Phone Exchange System?

Phone exchanges are often a source of indecision because there are many companies and brand alternatives offering products and services in this field today. The most accurate way to overcome the confusion caused by this diversity is to have knowledge about the products. So, how can this be possible? We will provide you with the answer through the 10 criteria you should know when purchasing a phone exchange system

Internal and External Line Capacity

The first thing you need to do before installing a phone exchange is to determine the number of internal and external lines. This way, you will have the opportunity to expand the system as your company grows.


Businesses with multiple branch locations can take advantage of free calls using VOIP technology. However, you must choose the right system from the beginning for this.

Mobility of Users

If you have field personnel who are actively working, you should choose a phone exchange system that is suitable for this. This way, users can communicate with each other free of charge.

Automated Attendant and Voicemail

Through automated attendants and voicemail features, your brand can achieve a corporate identity in the eyes of customers. It also provides easier call handling and routing to your employees.

GSM Terminals

Phone exchanges are not only composed of internal lines. You can also connect GSM lines to the exchange. This way, you achieve significant cost savings in communication.

Video Calling

It is possible to have free communication through phone exchanges using phones with video calling feature. Make sure the system you install supports this.

Conference Calls

The conference call feature in a phone exchange system allows you to bring together multiple users at the same time, hold meetings, and thereby increase productivity in your business.

Call Recording

Call recording is important. This way, you increase your customers’ satisfaction rate. It also protects you in potential legal processes that may arise from calls in the future.


Phone exchanges can integrate with many different technological devices and software. This includes alarm systems and camera systems.

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