Cloud Solution

What is Cloud Solution?

Cloud technology is one of the most commonly used systems today. It is the name given to computer-based computing services that enable digital data sharing among users. Although cloud solutions generally create a perception of products, this is a misconception. It is a service, not a product. It operates on the principle of ensuring healthy and sustainable data flow.
One of the most important factors of cloud solutions is cloud storage. Cloud storage refers to the secure storage of files in a database using the internet or another network system. Various techniques can be used for backup.

Cloud solutions play an important role in ensuring cyber security for companies and organizations. This is because no matter how good the cyber measures are, they are never flawless. Malicious software can infiltrate the system and cause damage to the data, or even delete it completely. This is where cloud solutions come into play. They periodically store the data from the systems’ databases in cloud storage areas, preventing business interruptions in the face of future issues. The importance of cloud solutions in sustainability cannot be denied.

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The high benefits provided by cloud solution services have made it widely preferred. So what are these benefits? When examined in detail, it is possible to explain this subject under 3 main headings.

Firstly, it reduces information technology costs. As known, as the hardware and software systems in companies increase, IT costs also increase. To achieve this, infrastructure needs to be established, a separate organization needs to be set up to configure and manage these infrastructure systems. Here, cloud solutions save you from such expenses. It applies all of these services internally, so there is no need for extra workforce and costs.

It provides gains in the process of value creation. Setting up information technology to meet your demands can take weeks or even months. This naturally means wasting valuable time, especially in commerce. However, thanks to cloud solutions, it is possible to perform corporate applications within a few minutes. It also enables empowering certain developers.

Lastly, it provides business owners with flexibility in information technology operations. Commerce is full of ups and downs. Instead of paying for unused IT during stagnant periods, cloud solutions provide flexibility based on capacity. It also enables delivering applications or data to users on a global scale.

Types of Cloud Storage

Cloud solutions are not provided with the same usage method for every individual. The solutions within their own needs are different. For this reason, many different cloud storage methods are used today. The most commonly preferred ones among these methods are as follows:

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