What is VMware?

What is VMware?

VMware is a company founded in 1998 in the state of California, USA, that provides software and programming services for virtualization technologies. Over the years, with its applications and innovative mission in the field of information technology, it has become a leader in the industry.
VMware products are divided into two main categories. The first category includes desktop applications for computers, while the second category consists of software applications used by servers. VMware products designed for desktops are supported by operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, which contributes to the popularity of VMware.

VMware is the most preferred brand in the software field in today’s digital world. Its ability to support cross-platform usage and compatibility with all operating systems are among the main reasons for choosing VMware software. Additionally, VMware offers a wide range of products with various features. Some popular VMware software products include:

The aforementioned VMware software products are among the most commonly used products in the field of information technology. So, what are the features of these products? Here’s the answer…

VMware Workstation is referred to as hypervisor software. It plays a significant role in the production and usage of large-scale virtual machines. It operates only on 64-bit systems and can be easily used on popular operating systems such as Windows.

VMware Fusion, developed by VMware, is similar in principle to the Workstation software but stands out for its ability to run on Apple products. It works seamlessly on Mac products and Intel-based operating systems. VMware Fusion requires a system with 4GB RAM and 750MB of available space to operate.

One notable feature of the VMware Player application is that it is free to use. This software, running on operating systems like Windows and Linux, supports the operation of virtualization software. Like other VMware software, it can run on 64-bit computers. In the field of information technology, this software product is considered a companion to the VMware Workstation application and is essential for individual use. However, it is not preferred for commercial use.

VMware ESXi, also known as ESX in the IT world, is distinguished by its ability to deliver virtual server presentations. Its enterprise-level features and designation as a hypervisor are some of the reasons why VMware ESXi products are commonly preferred. This software does not install within an operating system but operates on crucial operating system components such as the kernel.

VMware Horizon is a software type that is essential for virtualization technologies and supported by all operating systems. Its compatibility with systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux has significantly increased its preference. It was initially known as VDM when it was first released, but its name changed to VMware Horizon in the 2008 release. It greatly simplifies desktop management, making it user-friendly.

What are the Features of VMware?

VMware software allows the installation of multiple operating systems on computers and enables the creation of operating systems through servers. Applications that pose risks to computer operating systems can be implemented in virtual environments created by VMware, minimizing the level of risk.
One of the prominent features of VMware software is its ability to simplify the virtualization process and streamline server management. This naturally increases individuals’ control over the servers. With these servers, individuals can assign an unlimited number of IP addresses and suspend them as desired. Advanced VMware software offers even more capabilities beyond these.

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