What is formatting?

What is Formatting?

It is undeniable that computers are essential technological products in today’s world. Therefore, various methods are used to make the most efficient use of these devices. Formatting is one of the primary methods used. This process, applied at certain intervals, allows for the correction of malfunctioning systems or the smoother operation of existing structures.

All computer users experience high performance when they first acquire their products. The freshness of the system and the intactness of the underlying files are the main factors that contribute to this performance. However, over time, the situation changes, and systems lose their initial efficiency. This can be caused by physical or software-related factors. In such cases, it is possible to restore the systems to their initial state using only the formatting process.

In the field of information technology, formatting is a type of command that allows for the reformatting of disks on which operating systems are installed. In short, it is the process of restoring a computer to its factory settings. It should be noted that after the formatting process, not only will the operating system be removed, but all personal data will also be completely deleted. Therefore, it is recommended for individuals to back up their personal files to external storage devices before performing a format. Additionally, unless necessary, IT experts do not recommend applying the formatting process.

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How to Format Windows?

In order to format a computer with Windows operating system, it is necessary to create a ‘Startup Disk’ first. After creating the disk, it is inserted into the disk drive, and the computer is restarted. By selecting the ‘Start the Computer with CD-ROM Support’ option among the three options that appear on the screen and pressing the ‘ENTER’ key, the formatting process is continued.

After a series of operations, the command prompt that appears on the screen is typed with ‘C:’ and the ‘ENTER’ key is pressed. Then ‘FORMAT C:’ is typed and the ‘ENTER’ key is pressed once again. The formatting process is completed by pressing the ‘E’ key when the warning prompt appears on the screen. After all these steps, it means that all the memories have been emptied. Now, all that needs to be done is to follow the steps in the article titled ‘Installing a Clean Windows’ on the homepage and install a new Windows operating system.

A Microsoft Windows license is required for using Microsoft Windows. To have detailed information about Microsoft solutions for individual or corporate computers, you can read our article titled ‘Microsoft Solutions’.

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