What is Active Directory?

What is Active Directory?

What is Active Directory? One of the frequently encountered questions in computer usage is the question of what Active Directory is. Although it may not be very popular, it is actually of great importance in information technology. It is possible to say that Active Directory is a directory service used in networks created by Microsoft. Through this directory service, all information of components such as computers, hardware, devices, locations, and printers is stored. With the functioning of Group Policy, all these components can be managed or shaped according to needs.

With the development of technology, cyber structures have also expanded and become quite complex. The need arose to collect and manage all these cyber elements in one place in order to ensure the proper functioning of the systems. Active Directory is exactly such a structure that operates to meet this need. It centralizes all elements for manageability.

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In order to establish the Active Directory structure, it is necessary to first set up a server in the center. It is possible to build this structure in the Windows Server operating system. On the other hand, the Active Directory system can also be created via the Azure cloud platform. You can examine our articles on ‘What is Azure Relay?’ and ‘What is Azure Backup Explorer?’ where we discuss this topic in detail.

Undoubtedly, the features of the Active Directory system play a significant role in its widespread use globally. Thanks to these features, it provides many advantages to individual and corporate systems. So, what is Active Directory and what are its features? Here are the details…

Manageable, scalable, and extensible
Integration with security
Working with other types of directory services
Authentication and authorization features
Managed through Group Policy

Why is Active Directory Needed?

As it is known, Active Directory centralizes complex cyber elements and makes their management easier. A manageable system always has flawless operation. This is actually the answer to why Active Directory is needed.

Another reason for using Active Directory is its effective role in security. It prevents the installation of malicious software by users. It also contributes to ensuring internal security by performing identity checks. Considering all these aspects, it is possible to say that Active Directory is essential for a healthy computer system.

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