What is Corporate Email?

What is Corporate Email?

In commercial life, when companies send emails to their customers for various purposes, email addresses emerge as an important issue. Because communication via email is considered as one of the most important elements of corporate vision nowadays. For this purpose, a new concept has emerged in the world of information technology: Corporate Email. So, what is corporate email? Here are the details…

Corporate email is a specialized email address created in accordance with a company’s domain name and can be derived using personalized names. This email system can also be used as POP or IMAP. For example, it can be represented as ‘@companyname.com’.

Although there are many email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail nowadays, these applications use their own names as extensions. Therefore, services like Gmail and Hotmail are generally preferred for personal use. However, corporate brands want to have their own email addresses for a visionary appearance. They can fulfill this demand through corporate email systems.

The level of security in the use of corporate email is the same as that of personal email usage. It does not provide any additional security solutions to its users. Therefore, companies transitioning to corporate email must seek mail security solutions. We recommend you to take a look at our article on ‘Mail Security’ in this field.

How to Obtain Corporate Email?

To obtain a corporate email address, a series of applications need to be carried out. These steps can be outlined as follows:

As the initial step, the domain name needs to be registered. The desired email addresses should be recorded one by one. For example, it should be in the format of ‘@companyname.com’.
The second step is for companies to purchase a hosting service.

If these two steps are completed successfully, companies can create as many corporate email accounts as they wish.

In today’s world, corporate email services offer different options. Companies can start using a corporate email system by choosing one of these options according to their working capacity. Web Hosting companies generally allow the opening of 10 or multiples of 10 email accounts. They also limit the storage space within the system. The allocated quotas for emails typically range from 100MB to 1GB. Of course, these figures can be increased further depending on the scale of the company.

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