What is Azure Arc?


Previously, we discussed in detail about ‘What is Azure Relay?’ which is one of the Azure services. This time, we will answer the question of what Azure Arc is. Azure Arc is a service offered by Microsoft as a hybrid management center. It enables the management of on-premises and cloud infrastructures through a single control panel. Platforms such as AWS, Cloud, and Azure can be cited as examples of these infrastructures.

Azure Arc can generally be described as providing management, rapid application development, and consistency for its services. Servers are easily managed through Azure Arc, making systems more secure. Thus, we have answered the question of what Azure Arc is.

Source: Azure Arc

Azure Arc Use Cases

Through the Azure Arc control panel, Google Cloud, on-premises, and edge resources are managed from a central location. Additionally, Windows and Linux servers are easily controlled. All kinds of services and innovations provided by Azure are utilized. Moreover, it is possible to benefit from this service from anywhere.

After resources are introduced into the Azure system, the structure of the resources is optimized, and automatic scaling is applied when needed. The fact that all these activities are carried out through a single interface provides great convenience for users and systems. So, what are the resources that can be managed with Azure Arc? Here are the details…

Manageable, scalable, and extensible
Integration of security
Working with other types of directory services
Authentication and authorization features
Managed through Group Policy

Active Azure Arc Services

Currently, SQL and PostgreSQL data services are effectively used with Azure Arc. These data services continue their operations by receiving the latest updates. These updates are carried out by users in compliance with Microsoft Registry policies. Thus, the on-premises database is constantly monitored.

One of the most active services among Azure Arc services is flexible scaling. Users can dynamically scale their systems according to the infrastructure capacity. Moreover, this process takes place in less than a second response time, quickly addressing possible scenarios.

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