What is CSS?

What is CSS?

CSS, an abbreviation for “Cascading Style Sheets,” is a term that refers to cascading style layers in Turkish. Individuals dealing with information technology frequently encounter the question of what CSS is. CSS is a definition language that enables the visual shaping process of websites and facilitates their management with its specific rules. It comes after HTML in basic web technologies.

It not only provides ready-made templates for websites but also allows independent aesthetic work. The style, color, and scale of letters can be given as examples of this independent work. The main point behind the widespread use of CSS worldwide is its freedom of use. Additionally, it can be integrated into HTML code.

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CSS is a collection of applications that enable the design of web pages and make it easier for designers to accomplish this task compared to HTML and JavaScript. It is more flexible in terms of coding structure. This makes the job of designers easier. It also provides target-oriented software solutions. Quick updates can be made by editing the code of a specific page of a website.

CSS originated as an idea at CERN on October 10, 1994. As a result of subsequent work, the first version of CSS was officially published in 1996. With the evolving internet needs, the CSS2 version was released in 1998. Today, CSS2 is still widely used.

What are the Advantages of CSS?

CSS has been considered one of the cornerstones of information technology since its emergence in 1994. Undoubtedly, its advantages have played a significant role in this. So, what are the advantages of CSS? It is possible to summarize the advantages of CSS in a few points.

Easy Updates: The visual data of the entire site can be consolidated within one or more CSS files. Having a separate coding layer for each page is a significant feature for designers. This enables them to perform updates quickly and efficiently.
Data Traffic Savings: CSS provides noticeable savings in data traffic. For example, when a coded CSS file is cached by the browser, there is no need to download that file again during another site visit.
Content Flexibility: It is a great advantage to use the same content on different pages. For instance, the code for an image used on one page can be included in the main page as well.

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