What is Data Scrubbing?


Data Scrubbing, although often used interchangeably with Data Cleansing, is an erroneous comparison. It is essentially an error correction system that operates behind storage devices. It follows the principle of conducting periodic checks on the storage. If an error is encountered during this process, it goes through the correction path using checksum and redundancy. In short, Data Scrubbing is a service that protects data against corruption.

Data Scrubbing is also referred to as data cleansing. It involves modifying, correcting, or completely eliminating erroneous and missing data in a database. Sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, and transportation frequently utilize this service to examine flaws in their systems’ data.

Data Scrubbing, while not currently in a highly popular position, provides numerous conveniences and benefits to a database administrator. It particularly saves time and prevents the need for costly manual identification and rectification of errors. Although the usage of this service is not yet at the desired level, it is expected to gain popularity in the long run. So, what are the data errors that Data Scrubbing addresses? Here are the details…

Duplicate Data: Used to determine the data between two systems when merging data from two systems. This allows for the creation of a single record.
Inconsistent Data: Analyzes data and ensures its consistency according to predefined rules. Consistency is crucial for the functioning of systems.
Excessive Data: Unnecessary data that is deemed redundant can be removed to effectively utilize storage capacities. Insufficient storage space is a common issue faced by individuals and organizations, and the Data Scrubbing service can minimize this problem.
Erroneous Data: Data Scrubbing identifies and rectifies erroneous and missing information in the system, ensuring smooth system operation.

The Data Scrubbing service should be used regularly to minimize inconsistencies in operation and to proactively address potential long-term issues.

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