What is the Dark Web?

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web has gained considerable curiosity among internet users today, as it is seen as the dark side of the digital world. Generally speaking, the Dark Web refers to all digital elements existing on the internet that cannot be indexed by search engines or accessed through other means. Only authorized individuals can access and manage this data.

The Dark Web is not accessible to ordinary individuals, and it cannot be accessed through conventional methods. Popular web browsers such as Chrome, Explorer, and Opera, which are commonly used today, are not suitable for accessing it. Connection can only be established through specially designed and coded hidden sites, such as ‘Tor’.

Initially conceived as a platform for free sharing, the Dark Web has evolved into a world where illegal activities take place. Nowadays, the Dark Web has become a platform primarily used for selling illegal products and services. Almost all cybercrimes are planned and executed here. Source

Is it Safe to Access the Dark Web?

The notorious reputation of the Dark Web often appeals to users, making them question its safety. However, it should be noted that the Dark Web is not a safe place. Especially for those who are not familiar with digital elements and venture into it out of curiosity, it can lead to negative consequences.

Individuals present on the Dark Web are experienced and highly skilled in the field of information technology. Therefore, those who navigate through it need to be cautious. Otherwise, they may inevitably encounter unwanted threats such as identity theft, ransom demands, and keylogging.

Furthermore, the concept of the Dark Web can be seen not only in a negative light but also as a part of our everyday internet usage. For instance, the activities we perform in our emails or cloud applications are also elements of the Dark Web. The principle of operation is the same: only authorized individuals can access the digital data.

The dark networks that constitute the Dark Web are secretly monitored by governments worldwide. They hold a special position in governments’ cybersecurity policies. Secret agents are placed within these networks through specialized units, and detailed reports are generated about the activities taking place there. Nowadays, many crimes have been solved thanks to the flow of information exclusively found on the Dark Web.

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