What is IT?

IT, also known as ‘Information Technology’, stands out as a frequently mentioned concept in today’s digital world. Especially due to its inclusive nature, the population of IT professionals is increasing day by day. So, what is IT? In general, IT refers to the processing of digital data in various forms using computers, network systems, or storage devices. Processing, structuring, protecting, and generating data are some of the principles of IT services.

The term ‘Information Technology’ is the equivalent of IT in our language. It is commonly encountered in the information technology departments of companies in commercial life. Although it is generally used in large organizations and commercial activities, it also responds to individual demands in some cases.

When IT is mentioned in contemporary societies, internet networks come to mind first. However, IT has spread to a wide range of applications with its multi-layered structure. Television, telephone, computer hardware, most electronic products, telecommunications equipment, and the e-commerce sector are some of the preferred areas of IT. The concept of IT first emerged in the world in an article published in the Harvard Business Review in 1958. The authors of the article, J. Leavitt and L. Whisler, used the following statements about IT: “The newly established technology has no name for now, so we call it IT.” The text was created using the source.

IT, also known as networking, represents the communication networks that form the basis of the internet. So what are the application areas of such an important concept?

This can be stated under several headings:

  • With the increasing integration of technology into our lives and the widespread use of its applications, the responsibilities and the importance of security have increased in trying to manage these systems. As a result, a new service area has emerged under the name of IT departments to handle these complex systems. Thanks to IT professionals working in these departments, it has become possible for all these complex systems to operate smoothly and securely.
  • The job description of IT departments can be generally defined as follows: maintenance and repair of physical hardware, virtualization processes, management of different types of devices, creation and use of automation tools, and operating systems, among many other technological elements, can be sustained with the contributions of IT departments.
  • Technologies and organizations needed by companies are largely addressed with IT. IT departments usually work as teams while meeting these needs. Because information technology encompasses a complex structure within itself, the experience of each team member provides a common and correct solution. So what are the working principles of IT departments? This subject can be summarized under 3 main headings…

Don’t risk your business.

Why is IT Important?

In today’s world, IT technologies have a significant place for individuals and organizations. A malfunctioning IT system can make it difficult for an organization to carry out its activities, and even render it almost non-functional. Therefore, it is crucial for organizations to pay attention to their IT investments in terms of both operational sustainability and costs.

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