What is Linux?


Linux is one of the operating systems that has played a major role in the formation of computers. It can be briefly described as kernel software. Additionally, Linux operating systems are a free software project. If you want to learn detailed information about free software, you can check out our article “What is Free Software?” at ‘What is Free Software?’. Linux was named by its developer Linus Torvalds in 1991. It is one of the most widely used operating systems among today’s operating systems. Especially the Android operating system on tablets and phones is one of them.

When we compare Linux with operating systems like Windows and MacOS, we can see that they have quite similar aspects. For example, the graphical interface is designed on the same principle as other operating systems. Additionally, many photo and video editing programs work seamlessly with Linux. Based on all this data, it is possible to see Linux operating system everywhere there is a computer today.

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Linux Usage Areas

After the widespread use of the Internet worldwide, operating systems have also become important. Although the Windows operating system has monopolized this area since the beginning, many operating systems similar to Windows have been produced today. Linux is one of them. So what are the usage areas of Linux? Here are the details…

Internet Servers: When the usage rates of server operating systems are examined, Linux is seen at the top.
Home and Office: The usage of Linux kernel is quite high on desktop computers. Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora can be cited as examples of Linux systems.
Supercomputers: All supercomputers produced since 2017 use the Linux system.
Cloud Computing: It is very suitable to prefer the Linux system for the storage of data in virtual environments. The OpenStack project can be cited as an example of this.
Mobile Devices: The best example of this is the Android operating system, which has an open-source code feature.

How Was Linux Developed?

Linux was developed by Linux Torvalds in 1999. The reason Linus developed this system was to rival Minix, which was used in the academic field. However, it gained a lot of popularity among users in a short time, leading to global success. Initially, its name was supposed to be Freax. However, it was decided to name it Linux, which is a combination of Freax and Linus.

If you want to learn more about Linux and discover the solutions we offer in this field, you can read our article “Linux Server Support” at ‘Linux Server Support’.

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