What is Logging?


The word “log” in Turkish means “record” or “log.” Logging refers to the process of keeping track of digital actions through these records. The increasing use of technology and the internet in today’s world has necessitated the recording of every action of these systems and applications for security investigations. This is where Logging comes into play, as it records every action of a system or application.

Logging applications have been made mandatory by governments worldwide for security purposes. The same applies in our country. According to Law No. 5651 and the ISO 27001 Information Technology Law, Logging has become a mandatory requirement. In other words, Logging refers to the digital image records of a system and the users who use that system.

Another type of logging is Log collection. Logs from different sources are collected together through Log collection. However, this process is more challenging compared to Logging. Therefore, many software solutions are required for collecting Logs. These software solutions gather Logs together and facilitate their analysis. The analysis part is especially important.

Logging is an application that requires costs for other security components. You can learn more about other security elements by reading our article titled “Information Security Consultancy.” Additionally, when Logging methods are not properly implemented, and the recording process is not correctly organized, it can lead to significant problems when attempting to review a Log entry in the future. Therefore, the team responsible for performing Logging is as important as the infrastructure itself.

What are the Types of Logs?

There are three main types of Logs for ensuring Log management. Companies select the most suitable Log type based on their system’s structure to ensure smooth operations. So, what are the types of Logs? We have provided detailed information on this topic below:

Transaction Log (SQL Server): Records changes made in the database. For example, if a user adds or deletes an image in the database, this action is recorded in the Transaction Log. It also restores data to the system in case of a problem.
Event Log: It is the section where logs are kept in Windows operating systems. Every action that occurs is recorded in the Event Log.
Syslog: It means “system log” in terms of its meaning. As the name suggests, it collects system log entries.

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