What is Ping


What is Ping? The ping problem that online gamers often encounter can become quite frustrating. Especially during games played over the internet, this issue is frequently encountered. So what is ping, which users complain about? We have provided a detailed answer to this question for you…

Ping is the name given to the time it takes for data received by a computer to be transmitted to the other endpoint. The time elapsed between the two points is usually measured in milliseconds, resulting in a ping value. In normal internet usage, ping may not be seen as a problem. However, it is considered a major issue in online games as it poses a significant usability challenge. This is because real-time data flow is crucial in online games.

Explaining the ping problem with an example will be more helpful for better understanding. Let’s consider the ping values of two players in the popular online battle game Counter-Strike. When the first player’s ping value is 150 and the opponent’s value is 30, and both press the fire button at the same time, the command of the first player will be processed later compared to the opponent. This example is informative in answering the question of what is ping.

Ping Characteristics

Ping, one of the biggest issues in the online gaming world, has several characteristics. These characteristics can be expressed under a few headings:

Ping data checks if the device it is sent to is currently active.
It analyzes the real-time ping loss rate of the network.
It calculates the communication time between the two connection points.
It can return results based on IPv4 or IPv6. For detailed information about the IPv6 system, you can refer to our article ‘IPv6 Consultancy’.
Finally, some machines can be specially configured not to respond to the ping command optionally.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Ping Time?

Ping time can become a nightmare for many internet users. However, this problem can be resolved. In other words, there are a few simple methods to reduce ping time. First of all, before running games, it should be checked if there are any applications using the internet in the background on the computer. Because it is crucial that all data traffic carries the elements of the game. Additionally, if the online game has a server option, the one with the least congestion can be selected. This way, the ping time problem will be minimized.

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