What is Plesk Panel?


Plesk Panel is an automation software package that enables commercial companies to use web hosting. It is also referred to as a control panel. Developed in Russia, this software was initially released in the United States. Plesk Panel is available in 32 different languages worldwide. As of 2017, it has reached a user base of over 10 million. So, what is Plesk Panel?

There are two important elements to make a website accessible to users over the internet: Domain and Hosting. You can refer to articles titled ‘What is a Domain?’ and ‘What is Hosting?’ to obtain detailed information on the subject. A management panel is required to provide domain and hosting services. This is where Plesk Panel comes into play. Plesk Panel, which facilitates the management of the internet site, also provides domain and email management capabilities.

Plesk Panel is compatible with all internet sites. It also supports operating systems such as Linux and Windows. It becomes ready for use by entering the code via the SSH screen in Linux. In the Windows operating system, after downloading and installing the application, it becomes ready for use. Subsequently, the relevant website is defined in the system, and management can easily be initiated.

Plesk Panel Features

Many hosting services of a website are fulfilled through Plesk Panel. The software has simplified management with its user-friendly interface and navigation buttons. Additionally, by tracking updates on the panel, the site can stay up to date with the latest components. Here are some prominent features of Plesk Panel:

Domain Management: Web site domain names can be easily changed via Plesk Panel. Additionally, it allows for the acquisition of additional domain names.
Email Creation: Email accounts can be created based on the permissions provided by the hosting package. Plesk Panel has a user-friendly interface for this purpose.
Database Creation: MySQL databases can be easily created through Plesk Panel. Admin login is also possible.
Security: It plays a complementary role in website security. Having data backup on the site is a significant advantage.
Traffic Monitoring: Monitoring website traffic is crucial for site administrators. Plesk Panel allows easy implementation of this feature.

Source: What is Plesk Panel?

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