What is Vehicle Tracking System? How is Security Ensured?

Vehicle tracking system is a technology that allows real-time tracking of all kinds of vehicles over the internet, remote management of certain vehicle elements, and detailed statistical reporting of past activities. In short, it is an application of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. It is particularly useful for reducing costs, establishing control in field applications, and analyzing operations.

Devices communicate with each other through mobile networks. Nowadays, the use of vehicle tracking system is very high. According to research conducted, vehicle tracking systems accounted for 25% of internet usage in 2021. It is expected that this figure will exceed 50% in the next 5 years. Additionally, the number of devices using mobile networks is projected to exceed 1 billion within the same 5-year period.

How is Security Ensured with Vehicle Tracking System?

The vehicle tracking system initially had a primary purpose of ensuring security. However, with advancing technology, the increasing needs have also led these systems to have different missions. Examples of these include analysis, management, and reporting. Nevertheless, the primary focus of these systems is still to ensure security. So, how is security ensured with a vehicle tracking system? Here are the details…

Through a device placed in a hidden compartment inside the vehicle, all the movements, route, and speed details of the vehicle are monitored in real-time. This way, if you think your security is compromised, you have the opportunity to intervene without wasting time. Many vehicle tracking system models today have the feature of disabling the vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is stolen, you can stop it by sending a command to turn off the ignition through the internet. Once the vehicle receives this command and is stopped at the nearest gas station, it won’t start again.

Another answer to the question “How is security ensured with a vehicle tracking system?” is that you have the ability to monitor it in real-time. When you notice any unusual movements, you can share this live monitoring feature with the authorities, which can lead to the quick apprehension of your vehicle. Finally, it’s worth listing a few of the advantages it provides…

  • You can set speed limits to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • You can monitor the performance of the vehicle and change the driver if you are not satisfied.
  • It runs on its own power even if the battery is disconnected for a long period of time.
  • By managing all your operational processes from a single center, you can reduce your costs.
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